The tutorial for Homefront is a micro-managing tyrant, with very strict ideas about what you need to do in order to enjoy yourself. Your two NPC companions will scream orders at you, constantly, no matter what you do, through the entire ordeal. There is no task so mundane that they will let you figure it out for yourself, and there is nothing you can do to shut them up, no matter how competent you are. I had them shouting over each other, telling me to throw grenades. While I was throwing grenades. I was throwing them at dudes who were already dead because I’d already thrown grenades at them.

It was like trying to make a sandwich while listening to a tape recording of a drill sergeant explaining how to cut bread. TAKE THAT BUTTER KNIFE! GRAB IT! HOLD IT IN YOUR RIGHT HAND! BLADE SIDE DOWN! HOLD THE BREAD STILL WITH THE OTHER HAND! CUT IT! CUT IT NOW! DOOOO IT!

So … not fun, is what I’m hinting at here.

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