The mantra with the PlayStation 3 was that the online service was free. I’ll bet it’s feeling a lot less free these days.

The technology problem they can solve. They’re Sony, for crying out loud. The public relations problem is more cancerous. PR has never been their strength, and enticing players to come back to PSN and begin shopping again is going to be harder than selling sand in Dubai.

The service will resume once they’re done sifting through the wreckage, but I wonder if those of us on the outside will ever find out what the black box has to say about how the system failed. Was this a hacker of extraordinary skill and tenacity, or were the PSN caretakers simply criminally inept?

While Sony is justifiably taking the heat for this fiasco, I would be remiss if I didn’t vindicate what I’ve been saying about DRM all along, because this PSN outage has locked people out of their legally purchased games.

Shamus Young is the guy behind Twenty Sided, DM of the Rings, and Stolen Pixels, Shamus Plays, and Spoiler Warning.

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