Look, fanboy… I don’t know what Amish village you just escaped from, but out here in the civilized world, Gamepunx is widely regarded by everyone in my adjacent-to-the-HVAC-system cubicle as the greatest gaming magazine in the world. Actually, I don’t need to qualify that shit. Gamepunx is the greatest magazine, period.

We might not sell as many issues as we used to. In fact, I’m pretty sure the stuff rolling off the presses is shipped directly to a landfill for the purposes of tax fraud. But our management’s liberal policy towards on-the-job drinking and surfing for porn is a key part of keeping our staff of writers happy. And a happy writer is a creative writer. And by “creative” I mean “I might be over the legal limit but I can still deliver 1,500 words on Duke Nukem Tycoon, which I’m pretty sure is what I’ve been playing this week.”

Travis Taylor is a longtime writer and reviewer for Gamepunx magazine, which actually exists and is not something somebody just made up to amuse you. Get over yourself already. You can reach him at [email protected].

Shamus Young is a programmer and writer by trade, videogame nitpicker by inclination. If you have the patience for more of his ramblings, they can be found at

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