This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee discusses the problem with trying to use the metric of game length as a PR selling point, as seen recently with Techland saying Dying Light 2 contains 500 (or 20) hours to complete.

Extra Punctuation Transcript

January being its usual void of significant gaming events because all the publishers are too full of Christmas turkey to want to commit to releasing any big titles until mid-quarter one, the upcoming Dying Light 2 was able to grab a few headlines by boasting that it will take 500 hours to complete it. And the response was immediate. My first response was to conclude that Dying Light 2 is trying to kill me, specifically. No reviewer can play 500 hours of game in the week we have before we all move onto the next temporary headline occupant. But they damn well know that. Clearly this is yet another blatant attempt by the big money industry to undermine legitimate criticism. Either we die of malnutrition trying to beat it or get an earful of apologists moaning that we didn’t give it its fair shake and REAL gamers know that it gets really good around hour one hundred and twelve.

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