Stuart Immonen Signs Exclusive Agreement With Marvel


Marvel Enterprises is thrilled to announce that artist Stuart Immonen has signed an exclusive creator agreement, making him the latest addition to Marvel’s team of top creative talent.

Known as an artist who can be both experimental and adaptive, Immonen brings fresh new thought to each individual project he works on. He last worked with Marvel on the critically acclaimed INCREDIBLE HULK story arc “TRANSFER OF POWER” with writer Bruce Jones (collected in the INCREDIBLE HULK: Vol. 2 Hardcover, on sale in November). Immonen, whose next published work will be DC’s “Superman: Secret Identity” limited series, will begin his exclusive Marvel tenure later this year, and will play an integral part in the publisher’s editorial line through the year 2006.

“Stuart is one of the finest illustrators and storytellers in comics as evidenced by his brilliant past accomplishments, especially his run on HULK,” said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. “With his incredible dynamics, attention to detail and fan popularity, he was born to illustrate for Marvel and we’re thrilled that he thought so as well. When artists like Stuart make us their home I know that we’ve done a great job in continuing to bring the greatest talent to this company … Marvel fans rejoice!

“Stuart and Marvel have some big plans up ahead so hold on to your seats! Heck, what am I talking about, I can hardly wait myself!”

“I’ve long been a fan of Stuart’s work, but never had the pleasure of working with him until his HULK arc which, of course, he knocked out of the park,” added Marvel Executive (and HULK) Editor Axel Alonso. “A fantastic draftsman and storyteller, Stuart is the perfect fit for a new project that’s in the works right now. The style he’ll employ is sure to raise eyebrows among comic book fans as well as his fellow creators!”

“The relationship I established with Axel and Bruce Jones on HULK was the key factor in wanting to commit to a lengthy stay at Marvel,” said Immonen. “A freelancer has to balance creative license with stability, and I feel that Marvel Comics and my new project will satisfy all my desires to challenge myself artistically, while the cushion of guaranteed work allows me to keep paying the bills.

“The last time I signed an exclusive deal was ten years ago, when I had a lot of energy to burn. I wanted to do a lot of different things. Now, I feel able to focus all that energy on one project, and contribute to something unique, put my personal stamp on and make a substantial contribution to one of Marvel’s classic characters.

“I’ve also been given free rein to do projects with Les Humanoïdes Associés for the European market, which is something I’ve been angling to do for a few years now. The coming months are going to be very exciting!”

“As we promised Marvel fans, the Marvel Juggernaut just keeps on rolling,” concluded Quesada. “Having Stuart Immonen join Marvel is just one of many more announcements that will have Marvel fans singing for joy and wondering where their paychecks went!”


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