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Escapist Magazine articles will be well-researched, well-written, and well-edited. Op-eds should have a clear thesis on a unique aspect of a game, movie, or television show while features should include interviews that tell new stories about the industry. Examples of recently published submissions:

Rage 2: Shut Up and Let me Shoot Stuff

From Tolkien to Drizzt, Elves Remain Key to Dungeons & Dragons’ Fantasy

Torchlight Frontiers Has 60-80 Hours of Content, Weaponized Trains, and Fire-Breathing Dogs

Better to Live a Stark Than Die A Lannister

Article pitches should be:

  • a one paragraph summary of what your article will be about
  • will not contain attachments
  • will contain your full, legal name
  • if it’s a feature, include who you will need to contact for interviews
  • include links to relevant, published examples of your writing

The editorial team will read all submissions and respond whether or not it is approved. Our publishing schedule is limited, so please be patient. We may not get back to you quickly, but we promise to review every submission with care.

We are also seeking ideas for new weekly columns along the lines of Escape from the Law or Experienced Points. If you have a clear idea of something you could cover on a weekly basis with a compelling theme, let us know.


Escapist Magazine adheres to the Society for Professional Journalism Code of Ethics. For more information, please visit the SPJ: Please consider your professional relationships before submitting. All works without relevant disclosures will be redacted.


Escapist Magazine follows AP Style.

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