Sunset Overdrive Gets First Gameplay Trailer


Take a look inside the open-world carnage, unconventional weapons and high-velocity action of Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive initially looked to be one of the few really stand-out Xbox One exclusives, but with Titanfall taking the spotlight in recent months (despite not technically being an exclusive…) we’ve heard little from the open-world zombie shooter, apart from a cool-looking CGI reveal trailer. Now, developer Insomniac Games has released the game’s first gameplay trailer, to give us a bit of an idea how the game will play.

The trailer starts off by giving us the briefest possible overview of the story (some radical new energy drink caused a bunch of people to turn into zombies), before going straight in a discussion of the game’s mechanics. The name of this game is velocity, as players will be able to run on walls, slide on power lines, grind rails, and basically zip around everywhere like some kind of crazy parkour assassin.

“It’s a hell of a lot more fun than cowering behind a crate,” says the voice over, an obvious jab at the current trend of realistic cover-based shooters.

Some of the NPC factions you can expect to encounter in Sunset Overdrive include “Troop Bushido” (boy scouts turned samurai warriors) and “The Fargarths” (LARPers who find their dream-come-true in the zombie apocalypse).

It also looks like you’ll face some “special zombies” that have extra powers (such as the blower, who can blow acid at you) alongside the regular cannon fodder.

If I had to describe this game in one phrase, it would be Tony Hawk meets Left 4 Dead, and it’s certainly a very refreshing, colorful change of pace from the brown and gray fare that’s taken over the shooter genre.

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