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Presumably the same joke could be made about Far Cry 4, but I haven’t played that one because, well… the same joke could be made about Far Cry 4; It’s the same bloody game.

So, what’s brought me, an unrepentant hateur of the traditional Ubisoft-bv-the-numbers-collect-a-thon, back to Far Cry 3, a traditional Ubisoft-by-the-numbers-collect-a-thon? Simple answer; Ziggy’s mod. See, when they put their mind to it – and by that I mean spend more than nine months developing a product – Ubisoft produces aesthetically interesting, mechanically sound games. The walk-to-the-map-icon-for-sixteen-hours guff that characterizes their open world games isn’t really a fundamental part of the design, it’s a kind of grotesque secret sauce lathered on top of their games, producing titles that sell well but all taste the same. Strip away that layer of needless, pandering bullshit, and you’re left with games that often approach genuine brilliance. Ziggy’s Mod turns Far Cry 3 from yet another middling shooter, remarkable only in that its rails are a little bit wider than those of its contemporaries, into something resembling a brightly-coloured, fast-paced version of Stalker. Good fucking show.

So yeah, Far Cry 4? I’ll take a look when Ziggy turns it into an actual videogame.

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