Survey Reveals What the “Perfect” Male and Female Body Should Look Like


Using celebrity body parts and facial features, UK lingerie and sex toy retailer BlueBella held a survey asking both sexes on what the “perfect” body should look like for both male and female.

Ever wanted to know what the perfect male and female body would look like? Thanks to a survey conducted by UK lingerie and sex story retailer BlueBella, we now know the answer to both questions. The test group, which consisted of 500 men and 500 women in the UK, used celebrity body parts and facial features to “build” the perfect body from head to foot, and the results are a little surprising. Interestingly enough, the female demographic’s ideal body for women was actually thinner in almost every aspect than the male groups’ choices — save for the breasts.


Women surveyed preferred a slimmer figure and chose Kate Middleton’s long locks, Cara Delevingne’s face, Jennifer Aniston’s breasts, Gwyneth Paltrow’s flat stomach, Emma Watson’s slender hips and supermodel Elle Macpherson’s long legs. Over on the men’s side of the spectrum, UK males chose Scarlett Johansson’s blonde hair, Megan Fox’s sultry face, Kim Kardashian’s bountiful breasts, English actress’ Michelle Keegan’s tummy, sexy model Kelly Brook’s full hips, and supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s legs.

For the ideal man, it reveals that men prefer a more hulking physique compared to what women actually want. Men asked picked Brad Pitt’s hair, soccer star David Beckham’s face, Hugh Jackman’s enormous biceps, Ryan Gosling’s washboard abs and footie star Frankie Lampard’s chiseled legs. As for the women surveyed, they like muscles, too, but not as big as what men themselves want. The female group’s view of what a “perfect” man should look like consisted of English pop singer Harry Styles’ floppy ‘do, Irish actor Jamie Dornan’s more angular face, Brad Pitt’s smaller (compared to Hugh Jackman’s) biceps, Brit model David Gandy’s torso and David Beckham’s legs.


It’s important to note that the men and women surveyed were from the UK, that means there’s a high possibility that women and men from other parts of the world will have their own version of what the perfect body should look like for each gender. Also, don’t forget, that “perfect” and “beauty” are almost always in the eyes of the beholder, so there’s no one right answer.

Do you agree that the perfect male and female body should look like the ones pictured above? If not, what would your choices be?

Source and Image: BlueBella via AskMen

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