Today we’re happy to kick off a new twice-monthly Q&A series with the people behind Tabula Rasa. Every couple weeks, we’ll bring you a Q&A with Community Manager April Burba or some other member of the team. Today, we get our first five questions in.

WarCry Q&A: Tabula Rasa #1
Answers by April “CuppaJo” Burba
Questions by Matt Lowery

imageWarCry: When does public beta start?

April Burba: *runs around putting out fires* Really, really soon.

WarCry: There has been much talk about Logos in TR, and the unique language they make. Will people be able to enjoy the game if they don’t wish to learn the Logos language?

April Burba: Yes. Learning the language will not be required, however, players are bound to pick some up during the game as they are exposed to it. It’s also really easy to pick up, so I expect that many people will be able to get the basics of a Logos paragraph in game without having to know every Logos symbol in existence.

WarCry: You have said that at any point in your career you can clone yourself to make a new character that will not have to start at the beginning again. Does this mean that if I am a level 50 Spy, and want to try a soldier, I can simply make a level 50 soldier?

April Burba: No. If you clone a L50 Spy, you have another L50 Spy. The best times to clone are right before making a career choice. That way you can pick one career with one clone and another with your original character. You only have to go back as far as your last career choice this way.

imageWarCry: It’s been said that TR is looking to get away from the grind that is in most MMOs. Could you explain how exactly XP is awarded in the game? Is it quest based, or kill based?

April Burba: Both. You get XP for killing bad guys and for finishing quests. There is also an XP bonus for kill streaks.

WarCry: War will span over several worlds, as the battle ebbs and flows. How will worlds or areas be sectioned off. For example, will certain worlds be geared for lower level players, or will each world have areas for all level ranges?

April Burba: Areas will be for certain levels, however, as far as I know, right now no area will be inaccessible if you are not high enough level. It might just be hard for you to get there without a higher level squad-mate.

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