In the third part of our twice-monthly Q&A series, Community Manager April Burba answers five more questions from our staff on the status of Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa.

WarCry Q&A: Tabula Rasa #3
Answers by April Burba (Community Manager, NCSoft)
Questions by Matt Lowery

imageWarCry:How will we be able to tell how strong an enemy is? Do they show different colors, or do we get some sort of warning?

April Burba: Enemies have a level and rank and will color con to you. Red is bad. Grey is too easy. White is even-con.

WarCry: Will there be item wear and decay in the game, and if so, how will it work?

April Burba: Yes. We are working out the final details at this time, but it is looking like it will be pretty standard stuff. You use it, it wears. You get killed using it, it really wears. You will go to an NPC to repair your gear for a price.

WarCry:We have seen several types of Bane soldiers, are they more, the tons of mobs that zerg you, or few and very strong?

April Burba: Both. There are many zerg-y minions and some tough lieutenants/bosses. The tactics come when you have to figure out how to swat the flies while taking down the big-bads.

imageWarCry:The cloning system is very unique, allowing you to try different choices without restarting, will there be a limit to how many times you can clone a character?

April Burba: Clone all you like! Don’t like that clone? Delete him and make another one. We have not finalized the number of character slots you will have at launch yet. You are only limited by your number of character slots.

imageWarCry:How will PvP work in the game? We know we are all human, and fighting the bane, so how do you handle any PvP?

April Burba: Throughout human history in spite of the presence of a common enemy, humans still fight amongst themselves. Humans still love, they still lust, they still fear. Our humanness does not disappear in war, rather it is amplified. The world (in-game and out) is not black and white. There are ethical shades of grey that can make you wonder which side is really good or evil. Where there is doubt, there is conflict.

But if shades of grey aren’t your thing you can always call it training.

There will be 1v1, small team vs. small team and clan vs. clan PvP .

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