Wipe the drool off your keyboard, please.

Let’s be honest here: When Taco Bell introduced nacho cheese Doritos shells for its tacos, it was probably the greatest idea in the history of fast food. Sure, the shells are a bit thin, and seem to break easier than the standard corn-based receptacles, but they are mighty tasty and that’s what matters. Now, rather than rest on its orange powder-covered laurels, the company is switching it up and bringing Cool Ranch tacos to the menu as well.

Speaking with CBS, Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed dangled the news by a string, stating “We’ve got Cool Ranch. That’s coming. That’s my tease,” before going on to praise Doritos owners Frito-Lay for their help in refreshing Taco Bell’s menu.

While Creed’s hints aren’t akin to an official announcement or launch date, we hope to be hearing more about the tasty treats in the near future. It’s worth noting that Taco Bell has produced a Super Bowl ad for this year’s big game, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the company used it as an opportunity to show the world just what it has in store.

Source: CBS

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