I don’t care whether you like Apple products or hate them: This Star Wars-inspired retelling of the Foxconn suicides and the iPhone 4 leak/arrest/antennagate is the most hilarious Apple-related video I’ve seen in ages.

It’s hard to deny that Apple is a major player in the tech world these days, though the company has had more than its fair share of scandals even as its stock has skyrocketed.

Suicides at the Foxconn plant in China charged with making iPhones (among other things) lit a fire under Apple’s feet. Somebody lost its iPhone 4 prototype in a bar, and the police raided the house of a Gizmodo editor over the fiasco. And then there was the recent issue with the iPhone 4’s antenna, which didn’t function properly if someone was touching it – which was pretty much all the time.

That’s pretty much all you need to know to properly appreciate the above video, courtesy of Taiwanese news organization NextMedia. NMA’s animated video illustrates all of Jobs’ troubles … under the pretext that he’s a Sith Lord who truly earned his power after defeating Darth Gates in single combat. I’m not going to spoil the rest, because it honestly just keeps getting better and better as you go on.

There’s an English-annotated version here, but honestly? I think it’s funnier without knowing what they’re actually saying: The video speaks for itself.

So, Steve Jobs is a Sith Lord. That explains so much.

(As found by GeorgePalmer)

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