Tales of Pirates: Exclusive Interview


Tales of Pirates launched with some success for IGG and today we catch up with Frank Yang, the product Communication Supervisor on the progress of this cartoon-styled free-to-play pirate MMORPG.

WarCry Q&A: Tales of Pirates
Answers by Frank Yang (Product Communication Supervisor)
Questions by Nova Barlow

WarCry: When we last spoke, you mentioned the mall items and premium accounts as options for players. Are these items also available to non-paying customers through different means, such as quests? (aka what’s the benefit to using the mall/premium accounts? is it just a short cut to content or exclusive, paid only stuff?)

Frank Yang: Yes, non-paying customers also have an opportunity to get some items we sell in the mall – win a prize by joining in an event or activity we hold. And some items can be gained from the monsters’ drops and quests, such as fairies. Also some item will save your time for training yourself. Decoration could make you look cool or pretty.

WarCry: What can you tell us about guilds?

Frank Yang: The game has society just like the real world. A guild is an alliance of players who have the same will to fight together; people help each other in the same community.

As you know Tales of Pirates has a PvP system, also, it got a GvG system, yes, the Guild War: You could fight against other forces with your ally, unite as one fight as one. We are talking about WAR here, NOT just a combat. Once you start playing this, you will know how much fun it is.

WarCry: How customizable are characters? Can I change professions later if I don’t like my original one?

Frank Yang: You can customize your characters’ appearance by changing the clothes, styling your hair which makes you look different from others.

Actually one account can create three characters, if you are tired of your profession, you could totally create a new character to start a new journey.

WarCry: Are there craftable items? What is the in-game economy like?

Frank Yang: Yes, there is a forging system which you can make your own powerful weapons and armors with some special materials.

About the in-game economy, players can set a roadside stall for selling their stuff – like free market, or make another good choice — players can do the sea commerce – transporting and selling goods between cities and isles.

WarCry: How big is the world? How long would it take to explore all of it?

Frank Yang: There are three big maps of the three different worlds. And there are many special areas which open to the players to reach the required level. To explore all of it and access the areas, you need to train yourself really hard.

WarCry: Is PvP required? (are there “safe zones”?) What can you tell us about combat?

Frank Yang: Yes, PvP will bring more fun of course, players can prove themselves, can prove their ability, can feel exclusive. PvP system makes the game full of challenge. PvP system will be activated when others accept your challenge or an area like the maze maps – a PK zone.

WarCry: Is there more information about the Island Development system? Is this still in the works?

Frank Yang: As you know, there are many islands in the world of Tales of Pirates. It is the basic groundwork of this system. The Island Development system will be improved in the future. No doubt it will bring more joy and fun.

WarCry: Several other pirate games are scheduled to hit the market or are already there (Yohoho Puzzle Pirates!, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea) – in a sea full of pirate games, what makes your game stand out?

Frank Yang: Same theme but different style. Here’s a comparison: All the meals are delicious, all the chefs are great, Tales of Pirates stands out because its flavour is more popular – it’s a full age game, whatever the age you are, if you are 10, you will like this 3D cartoon game style. If you are 30, you will still like this style, it could relax you from hard work and not too childish for grow up.

WarCry: What type of games can we look forward to in the future from IGG?

Frank Yang: Now we are working on two new games: Godswar and Zu. Godswar is a full 3D MMORPG based on Greek Mythology. It will bring you back to the mythical age of Greece. And Zu Online, It is an elaborately and well-designed 3D MMORPG with a rich culture of immortals and knight-errants. It will bring the old mysterious eastern culture to you, you will experience a totally new game style.

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