Tetris Theme Gets Critical Hit Cover Video


The video game music band Critical Hit has recently released a music video for its cover of the Tetris theme song Korobeiniki.

I have to confess to having not played a ton of Tetris in my life. I personally blame it on Ninja Gaiden. I simply spent so much time in the NES days trying to beat that sucker (still haven’t done it) that there just wasn’t any time left for games of descending blocks. That said, there’s always time for good music and Tetris is nothing if not a game with an impossibly catchy soundtrack.

Case in point, the video game cover band Critical Hit recently released a music video for its rendition of Korobeiniki, aka the Tetris theme, and I’ll bet you five theoretical dollars that you can’t sit through it and not find yourself humming the tune for the rest of the day. Go ahead and give it a try. It won’t even take you five minutes.

The cover itself is a nifty mixture of classical and modern instruments that combine the talents of the band’s various members including Ms. Taylor Davis who, in the past, has produced several game themed videos that have caught The Escapist’s eye. Just personally, the video overall just gives me a hankering to finally take that poor neglected Tetris cartridge of mine for a spin. That’s just me though. What’s your reaction to it? Does it land like a well placed block or miss its mark?

Source: YouTube

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