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The 11-Year Civilization Game that Went Out of Control – The Stuff of Legends


In this episode of The Stuff of Legends, Frost tells us the story of a game of Civilization 2 that went on for over a decade.

You guys have been so good, the cops were only called on us three times tonight. Let’s have a treat with something a little darker.

Civilization is a game franchise where you can indulge in all sorts of geopolitical altruism and debauchery from the comfort of your own home. Any form of altered history is liable to occur in this world mismanagement simulator. Getting nuked by Mohandas Gandhi is not an exception, it’s the norm. Each match starts with various world leaders with  basic tribes in the ancient world. From there, it’s a race to dominate the others through various win conditions, cultural, science, or global domination to name a few. The battle progresses through the distinct eras of history, renaissance, industrial, and usually ends somewhere in the modern age. But one player’s curiosity got the better of him. He let his Civilization 2 game play out bit by bit for over 11 years of real-life time until he lost control of the post-post-post-apocalyptic hellscape and himself with it.

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Sebastian Ruiz
Sebastian Ruiz joined The Escapist in June 2021, but has been failing his way up the video game industry for years. He went from being a voice actor, whose most notable credit is Felicia Day mistaking him for Matt Mercer in the game Vaporum, to a video editor with a ten-year Smite addiction, to a content creator for the aforementioned Hi-Rez MOBA, before focusing his attention on game development and getting into freelance QA. With a lack of direction, Sebastian sought out The Escapist as a place to work with like-minded individuals and fuel his ambitions. While he enjoys dabbling in all kinds of games to expand his horizons, even the worst roguelikes can get his attention.