The 15 Best Mario Items You Should Own


In addition to our 15 Best Mario Related Videos on the Internet roundup, we thought we’d also track down the top 15 coolest, wackiest and kookiest Mario paraphernalia we could find.

Below is a veritable Mushroom Kingdom’s worth of Mario-themed treasures, some official, some homemade, some … I don’t even know from where. Enjoy!

And, of course, if you find a suitably drool-worthy Mario-related item, feel free to share it with us in the comments!

Dr.Mario NES Hard Drive


This Dr.Mario game has been gutted and re-wired into a 320 GB hard drive. If the Dr. isn’t your thing, you can also get a Super Mario Brothers 3 or a Super Mario Kart version.

Crochet Piranha Plant

I always thought crocheting was a gentle, docile hobby. But after seeing this crochet piranha plant in mid-lunge, I’ve changed my mind. That thing is fierce. It took us five minutes to wrestle the Wiimote from its leafy grasp.

Bottlecap Mario Picture

This picture is made entirely of bottlecaps – thousands of them. I can’t even imagine collecting that many bottlecaps, nevertheless painstakingly arranging them to create an image of Mario.

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Mario Alarm Clock

Do not gaze for long into these maddened eyes, for they also gaze back into you.

Mario “Shower Power” Shower Head

It has “Scald Protection!” It “Keeps Kids In Hot Water Safely!” It has graphs! This shower head is all kinds of business.

Super Mario Brothers Shampoo

Of course, if you have the Super Mario shower nozzle, you’ve got to have the Super Mario shampoo, too.

Princess Peach Puppy Outfit

The princess isn’t in another castle. She’s in the backyard, chewing on a bone.

Mario Vans

These shoes feature nearly every Mario character – Yoshi, Goomba, Bullet Bill, Birdo, Bowser, even Ninji from Super Mario Brothers 2. Too bad the shoes are nine hundred bucks. It’d almost be worth it if Phanto was on there.

Mario Mushroom Lamp

This lamp was constructed out of equal parts vinyl, wood, acrylic and pure awesome. I wonder if you need to jump and hit it to turn it on …

Mario Tricycle

The only thing that could have made this tricycle even more awesome is streamers.

Mario Pencil Sharpener

Judging by the image, I assume this pencil sharpener has a mini-Yoshi inside, which consumes your pencil and then spits it back out at you, sharpened. Just be sure to duck.

Mario Golf Cleats

I don’t know what the best thing is about these shoes. The ridiculously oversized tongue, the multi-colored rainbow threading in the front, or just the fact that these are Super Mario Brothers golf cleats. Wait a sec – shouldn’t these be Mario Golf cleats?

Mario Manga

I’m not too surprised that Mario manga exists. I am, however, thoroughly amused by some of the translations floating around the internet.

Mario “Light Blocker” Glasses

Why? Just … why?

Official Mario Plunger

Of course we saved the best for last. This is a genuine, Nintendo-sanctioned Super Mario Brothers plunger. It was used as part of the promotion for the Super Mario Brothers movie. I’m sure there’s a poop joke here somewhere.

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