I awoke the next morning and the six of us had decided to make the journey inland on a boat.
This was a problem however as the nearest harbor town was a small orc guild three days away and had a reputation for killing ANYTHING that walks even there own kind.

I checked over and made sure that everyone was ok and made a quick head count before we started the long run to the orcish harbor village.

A final check of equipment and a quick warm up brawl with one of my friends and we were ready to go. As we walked we couldn’t help but admire the landscape in the rising sun. Mahirims have a great love for their wild tribelands, after all, it was our home.

We soon came to a land called Dolgor. I heard that the once mighty Chaldean race [lived here]. Although my hate for the elven race and all their kind is absolute I had not seen ruins of such size in quite some time. While we were traveling across the lost ruins we had seen another human in the distance. “Humans” I thought “they are everywhere now days”

Just as i was discarding my claws in exchange for a sword a human came at me from the right – AMBUSH! And though I remained calm and equipped my sword he was almost on me already.

imageFrom the corner of my eye I could see that one of my Mahirim brethren had an arrow in his leg and I turned to attack my human aggressor on all fours once again. I couldn’t help but to think of how the others were doing or how many humans there were. I quickly stepped back as the human swung his sword wildly into the ground – this is my chance – I gave him a quick swing to the arm nearly cutting it off and out of nowhere I was struck by a arrow in my right side.

I looked to see an Elven archer with a Mahirim wolf in front of her. I must have been too focused on their fight instead of my own for the human gave me a scratch on the arm.

“I need to end this now”, I thought and jumped on top of the human target. I had missed and bit his arm, it was more than enough to drag him to the ground and finish him with a quick bit to the neck.

I felt happy and full of life.

As I drank the humans blood, I turned to see the last human running for his life with two very large wolves behind him. I knew he would not make it far… WE WILL CAMP HERE TONIGHT.

To be continued…
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