imageI awoke the next morning to find that one of us had been slain in our sleep, by humans no doubt, a good friend of mine. His name was Kaleb and he was a great warrior. 

We came across a large open field and decided to go hunting for our meat. I could see a deer in the distance and thought that he would feed the pack for the rest of the day and night. There is nothing more honorable to a Mahirim than the thrill of the hunt. Chasing the prey and following every turn and dodge that the poor animal (or human) makes, and tripping the back legs. It is a Mahirim’s pride to kill or be killed. We sat and ate for only 1/2 an hour the deer didn’t go as far as I thought it would but it feed us for the day. 

We continued to the northeast as fast as we could passing entire landscapes like they were nothing. The Mahirims speed was without compare even to certain mounts.

We had reached the orcish city with little problems. There were two huge guards almost as tall as me at the front entrance and large stone walls almost like what the dwarves make. Inside there was half a dozen of slaves building a guard tower they were all being whipped by a single orc but we had no time to spare, we must acquire a ship and start inland to find our own clanstone. 

image We reached the wreckers guild and bought a ship with what little money we had. We anchored it in the dock and headed to the local tavern, it was dark now almost night. We had reached the tavern… they seemed to be quite busy this night and a brawl had already broken out in the middle of the bar. To my surprise they were both beheaded and stuck to the post’s out front. If u have ever tried to order a round at a orcish tavern near last call then you are stronger than you appear because it is no easy task and no one stands in the way of a orc and his drink. 

And from outside I heard a loud voice call TO ARMS!!! The orcish tavern emptied. We went out front to see what the commotion was all about and I saw an entire clan of human and elves marching towards the front gate. The guild wars had began again and I was stuck in the middle with my small party of Mahirims but we rallied at the chance to avenge our brothers who had fallen to the humans before…

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