The Adventures of Lok

imageAs we left the capitol heading to the northeast we walked across a bridge around a moat and were instantly sought by an obviously lost human, wandering alone in the dark night sky. Easy pickings, we thought. As we walked carefully closer to him we had noticed that he wasn’t traveling alone – he had a single body guard – tough but no match for 6 trained Mahirim.

We walked slower and slower as we had noticed that he was a mage and looked to be quite powerful but we could take them after all it was only two humans and deep in the Mahirim tribelands.

The human and his guard had started to set up camp near a thick of trees and we waited. After all Mahirim aren’t all the savage and dumb as other races would have us out to be, we are quite tactical especially with the orcs.

I began to cast a spell nothing more than a powerful buff for the first person I hit. The others also began to prepare as the two humans were just starting to fall asleep.

Out of the blue someone yelled CHARGE and I rushed to the humans now startled and grabbing for their weapons. “Foolish humans will never know the art of surprise” I thought, and cut the bodyguard twice with my dual katars (claw like weapons). I could already feel the rush of the hunt and began to howl and smile at the humans as I was quickly followed by 5 others and I saw from the corner of my eye that the mage was wounded badly.

I got down on all fours and began to leap back and forth at the human guard preparing for a tackle or knockdown maneuver and sure enough as soon as the human was struck once more I leaped with all my strength almost taller than if I was standing on two legs, and the human fell before my feet as I bit and clawed as his face even after he was dead.

imageWe slept and looted the two humans I even got more than my share in gold 85 gp as I remember and we had decided to take a boat further inland as far as we could.

to be continued…

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