Editor's Note

The Answer to Everything


Originally, this week’s issue was supposed to be “Gaming’s Young Turks and Slavs,” an issue about the rise of gaming in Eastern Europe, both in development and in playerbase. I received several article pitches on the topic and the issue was nearly full. And then flu season hit. And then allergies hit. All but one of my writers for this issue has fallen prey to flu, allergies or a minor bout of forgetfulness. I blame Spring.

Despite these various ailments, we received several interesting article submissions, quite out of the blue. And these submissions were good. So we here, at The Escapist headquarters, put two and two together: on the one hand, lacking regularly scheduled content, and on the other, possessing these special articles.

And so now, this week, we are proud to bring you this issue number 42, which has been lovingly called in the office for a few weeks, “The Answer to Everything.” This is a departure from our usual thematic issues. But it works quite admirably in a pinch. I’m curious to know what everyone thinks of our putting an interview with the Garriott brothers, an article from newcomer Nick Bousfield about an old adventure game, The Last Express and an article from Greg Costikyan sharing the roots of games, all in the same issue. I’ll look forward to your comments on The Lounge.


-Julianne Greer

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