Critical Miss

The Bad News…




For those of you who don’t follow the news, last week Nintendo announced a price drop for the 3DS and Nintendo’s CEO, Satoru Iwata, apologised for the handheld being an eye-scorching, horror-portal that no one wants. He then had to apologise to angry 3DS owners for the price drop. Presumably next week, he will apologise for the great depression and rickets.

Whenever you buy a product at launch you’re paying a premium for early access. Those who wait are trading time with the product for potential cash savings. If any early adopters out there are somehow offended by the fact they’re being consistently put out of pocket by those dastardly market forces, the solution is simple, stop being an early adopter.

On a more pleasant note, my career as a purveyor of news is continuing nicely despite my somewhat laissez-faire attitude towards basic grammar, spelling, error checking and reality in general. In other news, I am twenty feet tall and can breathe fire.

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