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It’s a mini-tragedy how some people only start looking at and for damaging male tropes in media when they’re hunting for ammunition to use against those pesky feminists. Arguing that the fact men are often misrepresented by the media somehow negates, qualifies or justifies the fact it happens to women is ludicrous.

In fact, it’s hard to find any site or community dedicated to male representation and rights that isn’t tainted by this awful, reactionary, “the womins are comin’ to take our rights away” nonsense.

One of my twitter followers, who by definition is beautiful and wise, did recommend The Foldable Human, which covers the subject with maturity and grace.

On a separate note, the way the guys in panel 3 come off as ridiculous fire hipsters wasn’t intentional.

Henry and I have just started work proper on the Minions pitch. Characters have been tweaked, moved around and a few have been dropped. Tim will be returning once we figure out how to make him look less like zombie Tintin.

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