The Escapist Announces Issues For Q2 2008


The Escapist is pleased to announce the release of our Q2 2008 Editorial Calendar, covering April through June of 2008.

This quarter’s calendar is focused more heavily than ever on not only games, but on the culture and shared interests that unite us all. Issue 144, “Overtime,” focuses on sports and sports gaming; Issue 147, “The Power of Laughter,” will look at comedy in games, on the web and in our lives; issue 151, “The Return of the Genre,” celebrates the revival of the zombie film adventure games and the niche media we all grew up with; and issue 155, “Star Wars,” is … well, self explanatory. Our calendar also features, for the first time ever, an issue devoted solely to anime.

All these issue and more comprise the 13 issues of The Escapist‘s Q2 2008 Editorial Calendar. We look forward to sharing these issues with you, and, if you wish to contribute to The Escapist, reading your submissions.

To view the new editorial calendar, complete submission guidelines and instructions on how to contribute to The Escapist, please visit the submissions page.

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