The Escapist Podcast – April 7, 2017

The Escapist Podcast broadcasts live every Friday at around 1pm ET. You can participate in the discussion live every week over on Twitch, and can email questions, topic suggestions, and complaints to [email protected]. This week’s podcast featured Managing Editor Ron Whitaker, Senior Editor Liz Finnegan, Escapist contributor Ian Miles Cheong, and Head Stream Guy John Markley.

Topics for this week:

  • Atlus issues threat to players who stream too far into Persona 5 (full story)
  • Dishonored 2 has a free demo (full story)
  • Darkest Dungeon now has Steam Workshop support (full story)
  • You can now buy games directly on Twitch (full story)
  • Blizzard wins $8.6 million judgement against cheat maker Bossland (full story)
  • PAX Unplugged badges go on sale next month (full story)
  • PETA is angry that Nintendo turned cow milking into a 1-2-Switch game (full story)
  • Activision wants to create a Call of Duty cinematic universe, starting with a movie next year (full story)
  • The tech specs for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio have been revealed (full story)

…And more!

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