We are proud to announce the arrival of Loading Ready run at the Escapist! Starting in January the internet-famous comedy troupe, Loading Ready run, will be licensing their new sketch comedy videos exclusively to The Escapist. Stars of Unskippable and The Escapist News Network, the folks at Loading Ready run have been making the funniest sketch comedy on the internet for six years running, and now they’ll be doing it at The Escapist.

LRR is a Canadian sketch comedy website, based in Victoria, British Columbia, founded by Graham Stark and Paul Saunders. Since its launch in October 2003, a new video has been posted to the site every week, without fail; all of them are written, performed and edited by members of the “LoadingReadyRun crew”, which consists of Graham, Paul, six of their friends, and multiple guests.

Russ Pitts, editor in chief at The Escapist, made the announcement today on the livestream of LRR’s Desert Bus promotion raising money for the Child’s Play charity. “This is a fantastic addition to The Escapist,” said Pitts in a phone interview with the LRR team. “We are excited to finally bring the awesome sketch comedy that Loading Ready Run produces on a weekly basis to our audience,” said Pitts.

The theme of the Loading Ready Run website is based on the Commodore 64 and its humour is often video game related. Some of their videos have been featured in film festivals such as the Comic-Con International Film Festival in San Diego, and shown on major television networks, including G4 Canada and CNN.

Keep checking in with The Escapist for the date and time for the next big thing from LRR.

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