The Escapist Q4 2007 Editorial Calendar Announced


The Escapist’s Team Humidor has been sweating for weeks over what we hope will be the best collection of issues about games and gaming yet.

The new editorial calendar lists issues 117 – 130, from October of this year through the first week of the New Year, and covers topics ranging from game conventions to advergaming to the art of story telling and more. It’s our most ambitious calendar yet, and we hope you enjoy the issues to come.
Since we solicit a large percentage of our weekly feature content from you, the people, we’ve tried to make the process of submitting articles to our magazine as simple as possible. All you have to do is send us an email describing what you propose to write. What could be easier?

Our editorial calendar exists to show you what topics we’ll be covering in which issues, and by what date we’ll need to see an email from you if you want your article idea considered for publication. It’s so easy, even a caveman could do it. But we do insist on quality, so you’ll also find a handy guide to our standards and styles at the submissions page, which should tell you everything you need to know about writing for The Escapist.
A lot of game writers have gotten their start here with us, but we also regularly publish material from some of the most interesting and talented veterans in the field as well as a number of celebrated developers and artists slumming with us down here in the editorial trenches. We feel that this makes The Escapist a magazine with a wide appeal across the entire spectrum of the game-playing audience, and we hope you agree.
The calendar, style guidelines and submission instructions can be found at our submissions page.

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