The Escapist’s Community Drawing Board Discussion Thread


This week’s issue of The Escapist is all about art and animation in games, and to celebrate we’ve decided to create an official thread for all of our community members can express their own inner artiste. This is a thread where members of The Escapist forum family can get together to create a visual story, whether on their own or working collaboratively.

How does this work, you ask? Why, it’s simple: However you want!

To learn more about the Drawing Board, and to post your images, head over to this thread!

This thread is for our aspiring artists to discuss the story and what they’re planning, and to offer feedback and advice to other visual vanquishers on their own contributions to the Drawing Board content.

Please, no images here (they belong over there where everyone can see them!) and keep all discussion related to the Drawing Board. Off-topic discussion will be deleted, and repeated infractions may result in moderation.

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