The guy who built the Portal gun and the awesome Big Daddy costume is at it again, this time coming up with a Fallout 3 laser rifle that took “only” 30 hours to build.

The AER-9 laser rifle is something of an entry-level energy weapon in Fallout 3 but packs a solid punch and is in relatively plentiful supply throughout the course of the game. It also looks fantastic; futuristic yet unrefined, perfectly appropriate for a fictional technology that was still in its infancy when the Earth was turned into a charred cinder. In other words, it’s just the thing for a cosplayer who wants to dress up as a Vault Dweller and just happens to be good friends with prop maker extraordinaire Harrison Krix.

Most of the weapon is made from wood, with small bits of PVC, styrene and wood screws filling in the details, and believe it or not Krix considers it a rush job, crammed in to whatever time he could spare between other commissions and projects. “A commission came to me very, very last minute for a good friend of mine. He was planning on doing a Vault Dweller costume from Fallout 3, and needed a weapon in a month,” he said. “I looked at my schedule, decided I could shave off some sleep, and promised him 30 hours of build time. What follows is the result of that hurried errand.”

“Hurried errand?” I wouldn’t be able to put something like this together in a year. Is somebody showing off a bit, maybe? Ah, but he’s a Red Stripe man, so all is forgiven.

Feel like taking a crack at this thing yourself? Krix has posted instructions and a series of photographs detailing the build, which can be accomplished in roughly 87 incredibly complicated steps. Good luck!

via: Joystiq

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