A woman looking for a unique way to propose marriage to a hardcore Fallout 3 fan came up with an unusual but rather cool idea: She talked the community into making a mod for her.

The plan started all the way back in June, when Bethesda forum user PuffyPuppy asked if there was any possible way she could propose to her boyfriend from within Fallout 3. After a few twists and turns it was suggested that a mod for the PC version of the game would be the way to go and, modding types being what they are, the game was soon afoot. With voice files provided by the hopeful bride-to-be, work began on the 1+1=1 mod, which was eventually completed in August.

The mod is a fairly straightforward “damsel in distress” rescue mission, with the victim proposing marriage once she’s saved from a vicious gang of Raiders. There’s a vague creepiness about the whole thing, although I can’t tell if I’m gazing into the uncanny valley or just stumbling over the “post-apocalyptic love slave” line. Whatever the case, he said yes, she cried, they kissed and everybody went home happy. Ain’t love grand?

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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