Doing a barrel roll just doesn’t cut it for Fox McCloud anymore.

If you never caught Wes Anderson’s superb 2009 adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox, you missed out. It was certainly an oddball of a film, but it was an extremely entertaining one, too.

The folks at College Humor decided to give everybody’s favorite vulpine starfighter pilot a similar treatment. What you see here is a (fake) trailer for a (nonexistent) upcoming film, The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox – a story of the trials faced by Fox McCloud after he realizes that you just can’t use the boost to get through life.

It’s shot in the same stop-motion style as Fantastic Mr. Fox, though the characters are just as expressive as you could imagine – and it has a quirky charm about it that’s impossible to ignore.

Plus, it repurposes classic Star Fox 64 lines in a whole new context. Really, the entire video probably won’t make you laugh, but it’ll definitely make you smile.

(MTV Multiplayer)

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