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Over the last week, I received several Letters to the Editor regarding the games mentioned in our last issue, particularly Chief Economist. I agree, it sounds like a great game. Alas, it is not real – a figment of Mark Wallace’s imagination. Our last issue’s theme, and title, was “Why Haven’t They Made This?” And the response from our readers shows that perhaps our writers were onto something. Maybe someone should make Chief Economist. I’d be happy to pass developers or publishers along to Mark Wallace for further discussion, should any desire.

Speaking of developers and publishers, we have arrived at the topic of this week’s issue. One developer and publisher in particular, The Big One: EA. We have not highlighted an individual company before, so we thought it best to start at the top, the biggest of our growing industry.

Now before everyone gets upset and starts shouting, “Brown-nosing!” or “Not another rant!” give us a chance. We asked our writers to give us a well-rounded, fresh look at EA and they did not disappoint. Allen Varney spoke with employees of Origin Systems all the way to the top – the very top – and came back with “The Conquest of Origin.” Mark Wallace proffers the example of United Artists as a possible parallel for EA’s growth over the years in “Unrisky Business.” Jason Smith gives us a look at EA back when they were Electronic Arts, idealism and all, in “Setting the Stage.” Find these articles and more in this week’s issue of The Escapist.


Julianne Greer

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