Comic will feature special cover art by Mike Mignola

In conjunction with the upcoming release of Revolution Studios’ The Fog, a remake of the 1980 classic horror film by John Carpenter, Dark Horse Comics has teamed with Carpenter and the film’s director Rupert Wainwright (Stigmata) to bring fans an original graphic novel that will expand the film’s story. The Fog, which stars Tom Welling (Smallville), Maggie Grace (Lost), and Selma Blair (Hellboy), will be released by Columbia Pictures on October 14, 2005.

In Revolution Studio’s horror/thriller The Fog there really is something out there in the dark. In the small town of Antonio Bay, a terrifying and malevolent force hidden within a thick and eerie fog terrorizes its residents. Shrouded by the fog lies a ghastly secret of merciless revenge, one that the town’s inhabitants would do well to unravel – before it’s too late. The film is being produced by Carpenter, the late Debra Hill and David Foster from a screenplay by Cooper Layne.

Written by Scott Allie (The Devil’s Footprints, Star Wars: Empire) and with input from Wainwright and Carpenter, the graphic novel tells the back story of the film. The story unflolds with a group of Shanghai traders that have come to America hoping to escape a string of unexplained deaths at the teeth of unseen monsters and a mysterious Chinese curse.

According to Carpenter, the director of the original The Fog and producer of the upcoming remake, “, “This book’s a remarkable extension of the story that Debra Hill and I created, true to the terror of the film and the EC Comics that inspired it.”

Writer Scott Allie commented, “This was a chance to use a really creepy film from my childhood as the jumping off point to do a story full of scares and weird, classic horror. The film shows the fallout from a terrible series of events. We get to tell the story of how those people wound up in such desperate circumstances, and it gets into the worst parts of these people’s personalities, mixing visceral horror elements with deeply conflicted characters.”

The Fog features interior art by Todd Herman and a special cover by acclaimed comic book artist Mike Mignola. It arrives on sale October 5, with a retail price of $6.95.


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