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The Forests


The Forests
By: Lorenwor
This story was originally submitted to Mythic!

I have walked the forests before… Of course I have, I live there! There’s nothing unordinary in the forests. It’s just silent and calm. Silent and calm.

This is what I repeat to myself while sitting on my bed. A slash of pain goes trough my head every second. It makes me sweat hard. My nose has bled several times this day. It is ordinary. Nothing is happening. I repeat that to myself also. While I breathe it feels like my guts are trying pour out of me. I hear voices… Screams and crying. There is also laughter. It does not sound kind at all.

It all started when I was passing the forest to the river.

I opened my door. While stepping out I smelled the air. It felt as bright and clean as every morning. I started walking the normal way toward the river, behind the forest. The old rusty bucket, which I am holding in my hand, keeps clanging as annoying voice as always. I do not care about that. I feel almost better than ever this morning. Sunlight breaks its way through the branches. The only thing I am wondering is why I cannot hear any bird singing this morning. Well I just scratch my forehead and keep walking. It is hot today.

After wondering and wondering about things. I am wondering where I am at. This part of the forest does not seem familiar. I am starting to get a little scared. I think I have to just turn back. I did so. I thought I was walking toward home, but step by step it feels more like I am lost.

It is turning dark. I don’t exactly know how long I have been in the forest now. Then I start hearing voices. I see a little amount of light coming behind a big stone. I walk toward the stone. It looks like there is a campfire. Maybe there are people who know where I am right now. After I got to the stone I peaked behind it. I saw a man standing there. No, there were a lot of men. I could not see their faces. The fire seemed so bright after wondering in the dark. I stepped on a branch and it cracked. The man who was standing turned toward me. I froze of terror.

It looked like his face was dripping off piece after piece. There was a horn growing out from where his eye should be. He had no lower jaw, just two tongues and the upper teeth. I tried to run but almost immediately fell over. He grabbed my throat. His grip was strong and it felt as if I had been put between a shield and a wall. His hand was also unordinary large with spikes growing out of it. Unbelievably, he let out a big scream which the other “men” certainly heard. The other men came toward me. They all looked as twisted as the man holding me. He pushed me toward a tree. I tried to scream but I could not. One of the men took something from a small pouch. It looked like some kind of a plant. Before I could see any better he pushed the plant inside my mouth. Then I felt incredibly large amount of pain in my head.

I woke up in my bed. It seemed as if it all was just a nightmare. I quaked. After I had pulled myself together I looked outside. It was morning and as bright as always. I took the rusty bucket and went outside. The birds were singing. I walked to the river with a small head ache. After I had taken some water from the river I returned back home and made myself some soup.

Now it is evening. I am on my bed shaking. It feels like something is trying to turn me inside out. I am starting to get really worried it was not a nightmare. I am loosing my sanity. I hear a voice! It musts be real. I can hardly tell but it is real. I run toward my door and open it. It is the thing that pushed me towards the tree. He raises his axe and I scream of terror.

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