The Last Banquet Board Game of Courtly Intrigue Supports 6 To 24 Players

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The Last Banquet might be the ultimate party game about parties, requiring two dozen players to fill its ranks.

It’s a great time to be a tabletop board game player, although for many beginners the latest titles seem incredibly complex. Officially publishing Monopolgy house rules is one thing, but then you have games like Arkham Horror and Battlestar Galactica which are practically overflowing with cards and player pieces as soon as you open the box. Now I’m starting to suspect Fantasy Flight Games has outdone itself with its newly announced The Last Banquet. Where most Fantasy Flight titles require about 1-8 participants, The Last Banquet calls for a stunning 6-24, so you’d best be ready for a long wait in-between turns.

In The Last Banquet, each player takes on the role of a courtly character ranging from the King, a Bard, nobles, advisers, or even a witch. Each character is aligned with a particular faction, some of which are treasonous, and attempts to accomplish a specific goals before the evening is up. A responsible King must keep careful watch on all of the guests lest he go the way of Robert Baratheon, while other players use actions to switch seats and ask favors of wealthier patrons at the table.

The Last Banquet comes with six scenarios, including the aforementioned assassinations and gathering keys to rescue a captured princess. Not all scenarios call for the massive, 24-player game, but if you’re able to get that many people into one room it could be a very unique way to spend the evening. That said, whether the game is “pick-up-and-play” remains to be seen.

The Last Banquet is expected to reach store shelves on the third quarter of 2014.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games

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