The Martians have landed at Darkhorse.com!


War of the Worlds adaptation begins online.

The creative team behind the stunning post War of the Worlds tale Scarlet Traces and the upcoming Scarlet Traces sequel Scarlet Traces: The Great Game bring you an online abridged adaptation of the seminal H. G. Wells science fiction classic War of the Worlds, found only at darkhorse.com! Starting Friday June 17 with regular updates to follow, multiple page sections of the adaptation will appear on the War of the Worlds zone on darkhorse.com.

This abridged adaptation of the1898 science fiction classic by H. G. Wells, tells the story of a Martian craft that crashes in England and the catastrophic results that follow. Truly a landmark novel of its time, H. G. Wells’ War or the Worlds is regarded as a masterpiece of science fiction. The story’s timeless themes and characters has spawned a number of incarnations over the past century, including a controversial radio drama performed by Orson Wells in 1936, the classic 1952 feature film, a musical interpretation by Jeff Wayne in the 1970s, an ’80s TV series, and the coming summer blockbuster feature by Steven Spielberg. Scarlet Traces writer Ian Edginton and artist D’Israeli bring this online novelization to life in our weekly ongoing series.

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