The New Class




With any luck, Breaking Bad will do for chemistry classes what House did for biology and medicine programs. While House fans may make for crappy doctors, Breaking Bad fans can do nothing but improve the quality of meth.

So, The Escapist Expo is coming up and Cory will yet again be representing the Critical Miss team. If you have any comments or points you want to make, be sure to make them to him. Particularly if your points happen to be attached to homemade shivs you’ve smuggled into the convention.

He will be giving out complementary handshakes, hugs, doodles and such, but since he’s a filthy mercenary, he’ll also be bringing a selection of ink drawings on bristol board which he intends to sell for $25 a pop. If you want to commission one of these pieces, you can contact him here.

A few example pieces: 1, 2, 3, 4.

All the cash goes directly to Cory and helps keep him in the vast array of narcotics that make his life bearable.

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