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In response to “Living Room Fighter” from The Escapist Forum: Tasty tasty violence and a bit of the Old Red? Oh man, I cannot begin to list the number of times I’ve wanted to take a piece out of someone I was gaming with because they were being stupidly good at it. Envy is an ugly thing, it seems.

I maintain that beating the crap out of someone in a game is better than doing it with fists. At least that way you can repeat the experience endlessly without the whole dying or assault charges thing.


Though I’ve never gotten into a real physical fight over a game , I bet we’ve all had those moments in which we’ve felt really frustrated at the game itself or other players.

Sometimes you hit the couch, but mostly we curse the enemies and wish we could throw our controllers into the screen.

But hitting players in real life is a whole different level. Some deserve it, but I still get the feeling we feel frustrated because it would’ve felt better if the tables had turned and we had beat them in-game.



In response to “Looking for Group Therapy” from The Escapist Forum: I feel a very real urge to apologize to my Necromancer in Guild Wars for a number of things. Things like deaths I tried my best to avoid for one, but mainly for the fact at all the armor that’s available for her profession makes her look like some sort of fetish enthusiast.

I am so sorry about that, Selene. I really am…


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In response to “Myra Comes Into Focus” from The Escapist Forum: Hm, an issue I have thought of many times, and reflected upon myself as I flee the virtual world for the forests I lived in. Flee from the methods I used to flee from reality. Now this is advanced escapism.

As for the work in itself, it was quite vivid, so I liked it. The writing gets a bit stale at some places where the short sentences pile up.


This is a great piece to reflect on one’s gaming self – our personality given unpredictable powers in a realm that we ourselves create. And I won’t be able to destroy an A.I. without reflecting on them ever again.



In response to “Dan’s Explosive Interview” from The Escapist Forum: I really enjoyed this article. I think a lot of us have been in that “Dream” job interview where there’s an x-factor that might or might not get you the job. In games development, which from my limited scope of experiences with them is a somewhat eclectic set of personalities, this is much more apparent.

I think it says something when someone who decides to make games their career is pegged for the passion with which they argue and agonize over small details. While this kind of passion is a double-edged sword and can prove to be somewhat harmful when the tables are turned and they’re designing, it does make for some very interesting outcomes.

I would like to think every development company that I respect and like (Mythic, Bioware, and Cryptic, to name a few) has individuals who came up from the ranks and appreciate the nuances of forum communities in making games better.


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