The Order: 1886 for PS4 Delayed to 2015


Ready at Dawn’s third-person shooter will be shown at E3, but the promised release this year is being pushed back to “protect the vision.”

Sony and Ready at Dawn have slowly been leaking footage and screens for their upcoming shooter The Order: 1886, putting a bit of an Arthurian twist on Victorian England of the late 1800s. While we got a bit more of a taste before E3 (Look, Greg’s got a preview!), as well as a Twitch livestream, it appears the game is still no where near ready for prime time, and has been delayed until sometime next year.

When asked about the delay, Ready at Dawn Game Director Dana Jan said “That’s not necessarily a material problem, but I think there’s always this point in any development where you look at what you’ve got and you look at the potential of it and you start to talk about where you’re going to compromise, and how are you going to finish, how are you going to protect the vision?”

Jan said the team is currently getting little sleep and has put a lot of effort into the game so far, one that he thinks has a lot of potential. “I think when you see that value and that potential it’s worth figuring out how do make the least amount of side-quest as possible and really polish and set a new bar for PlayStation games and just games in general and I think it’s really great to get that opportunity to push it a bit more.”

So, bottom line and spin aside, if you are looking forward to this game, you’ll need to look quite a bit further into the future … as in sometime next year. But here are some new screenshots to tide you over in the meantime.

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