The Origin of Nosferatu – Part 3


The “Ambrosia” was warmer than he expected. Being immersed in it, Julian felt like an insect drowning in some luke-warm maple syrup. Other than a Speedo-like shorts, he wore nothing else while floating in the genetic goo that Evan had created. His body was riddled with monitoring devices that fed information back into the control room where Evan was situated. Julian wore a breathing aparatus and goggles as well as a communication device so that he and Evan could keep in contact during the course of the experiment. Come morning, Evan’s doubts came to the surface again, but Julian would not hear of it. He wasn’t about to back down now.

“Ok, bro,” Evan’s voice crackled through the speakers. “It’s go time.”

“All right…ready.”

“I’m going to start feeding low level electronic energy through the tank. You’ll feel a slight tingle as the ‘Ambrosia’ is stimulated. Just relax. The process should be complete in about two hours. We’ll do ten minutes on, ten minutes off. It will give your body a chance to get used to the changes. I’ll keep the electricity low also so there’s no danger. The higher the electronic input, greater risk of instability.”

“Got it…” Julian took a deep breath and let it out, trying to prepare himself. “Hit me.”

All around him the “Ambrosia” seemed to come to life. Just as Evan had said, his body began to tingle as the genetic soup did its work. It was hard to beleive that this simple sensation was actually altering his genetic code. It was so relaxing that Julian actually dozed off during the first hour. He would have slept through the entire process if it hadn’t been for the sounds of comotion that disturbed him outside the tank.

“How did you get in here?” he heard Evan say.

“Technology is a wonderful thing, Dr. MacCormack.” Julian recognized the voice immediately. It was the iterrogator.

No! his mind screamed. Not Evan, not now!

Julian was fully aware now. There were five men in the area besides Evan. The interrogator and two others were in the control room with Evan. The other two were standing with their backs to the tank that Julian was in.

“Dr. MacCormack, I’d like to think of myself as a fair man,” the interrogator said. He motioned to the two men in the room with him. They grabbed Evan, pinning him against the back wall of the control room. “I’m going to give you one more chance to hand over the formula for ‘Ambrosia.'”

Evan looked at the tank and his and Julian’s eyes met. Evan, don’t do it…

Evan turned back to the interrogator. “Go to hell.”

The interrogator seemed to be expecting that answer. He turned to the console that Evan had been working at before. “It seems you’ve been a busy bee, Dr. MacCormack. It looks like you’re taking your research to the next level.” He made a gesture towards the tank. “Who is your lab rat?”

“None of your damn business.”

“No need to get testy, Dr. McCormack.” The interrogator eyed the tank a bit more closely. “Why, if it isn’t Mr. MacGregor! Quite a brave man that becomes an experiment.” He looked at the vast array of controls in the console in front of him. “All these dials and buttons to chose from…you’ve made this quite complicated, Dr. McCormack.” The interrogator placed his hand on the dial that regulated the flow of electricity into the tank and set it to the maximum. He placed his finger over the red button next to it that would send initiate command for the new power setting. “Let’s see what this does, shall we?”

“Noooo!” Evan screamed, desperately struggling to break free from the two men holding him.

Julian knew he would have never made it out of the tank in time, especially with all the gear that had been strapped to him. He braced himself for the surge of power that he was about to experience. When it came, it came with a vengeance. The dull warm sensation he was used to feeling turned quite rapidly into a white hot pain that ran through his entire body. He roared in agony as the power surged through the tank. The soft glow that he was used to became a bright bluish white.

“You’re killing him!” Evan yelled. “Stop this!”

“My dear doctor,” said the interrogator. “You’ve had your chance. Now we play it my way.” He let the energy run through the tank for another 20 seconds or so then he deactivated it. He motioned to his two men outside the control room. “Finish the job, boys.”

The two men reached into their suits and produced handguns. Without hesitation, they unloaded a few rounds from their weapons into the tank. The protective glass shattered after several shots. Julian lay there weak and wounded, bleeding profusely. The two men took aim at his head and were about ready to open fire when the interrogator stopped them.

“On second thought, let him bleed to death.” He turned to Evan. “Well, our work here is done. Time to take a walk, Dr. MacCormack.”

The two men with Evan and the interrogator were about halfway to the exit when the other two began to walk towards them. They had taken a few steps when all of a sudden they heard the crunch of glass under foot. Looking at each other a moment, they turned around to see Julian sailing through the air towards them quite rapidly. Before they could redraw their weapons, Julian had them subdued.

The comotion got the attention of the rest of them and the interrogator stared at Julian in awe. He recovered and then barked orders to his companions.

“Get him!”

The two drew their weapons and charged at Julian. One went a little ahead of the other and reached Julian first. That, of course, was a mistake. Julian grabbed the foe by his armed wrist and snapped his arm like it was a twig. He followed through with a headbutt, breaking the enemy’s nose and knocking him unconcious. The other one didn’t take any chances and aimed his weapon squarely at Julian’s chest. When he fired Julian instinctively dodged and the bullet only grazed his arm. The second foe watch in amazement as the wound began to heal it self on the fly. Taking the opportunity, Julian grabbed the foe by the neck and proceed to toss him across the room with extreme prejudice.

Julian didn’t waste any time and made his way over to the interrogator who drew his weapon almost immediately when he saw him coming. “Stay back!”

“Or you’ll do what?” Julian mocked. “Shoot me?”

The interrogator was able to more closely examing Julian’s body now, which had several bullet wounds. “You should be dead…”

“Think again.” He grabbed the interrogator by his suit jacket and hoisted him in the air. Not prepared for this move, he dropped his weapon on the ground as he was lifted up. “Now it’s time for me to ask the questions.”

“Who do you work for?” Julian demanded.

“Why should I tell you anything, MacGregor?”

“Well, I’d have to say I might not be as inclinded to kill you then.”

“You’re bluffing.”

“Oh really,” said Julian. “Try me.”

The interrogator’s bravado soon faded. “All right. Just don’t kill me.” He proceeded to tell Julian and Evan how Crey Industry’s well-reknowned CEO, Clarissa Crey planned to acquire Evan’s research for her own purposes and gave her people on the job carte blanche to complete the task.

“So it was that bitch Crey after all,” Julian muttered to himself.

“I’ve told you all I know…” the interrogator said, eyeing his comrades who were either unconsious or writhing in pain.

“Yes, you have,” Julian said, “and it’s time for you to get what you had coming.” Julian set him down gently. The interrogator backed up slowly, facing both Evan and Julian for a moment then began to turn.

“Oh,” Julian stopped him, by tapping him on the shoulder. “One more thing.”

Out of nowhere Julian launched a left hook that connect with the interrogators jaw, breaking it in two places. He crumpled to the floor like a rag doll.

“Jesus, Julian,” Evan said. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” Julian replied.

“That bastard was right about one thing…”

“What’s that?”

“You should be dead.”

Julian looked at his foster brother. “I am dead, Evan.”


“The day Sarah died, a part of me died with her. A part of me will always be in darkness because of what they-” He pointed to the interrogator and his men “-did to her.”

“Julian MacGregor is dead, Evan.” He paused, a mixture of grief and anger, welling in his eyes. “You can call me Nosferatu.”

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