The OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair Gives You a Home Massage While You Play

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Today, we’re talking about the OSIM uThrone gaming chair with V-HAND massage technology from OSIM.

Gaming chairs that are both comfy and offer a more modern design for the office that aren’t too tacky can be hard to come by. That’s where the OSIM uThrone premium gaming chair comes in, which offers a modern design, along with innovative massage technology built right into the chair.

As someone that has been dealing with sciatica for a few years now due to the amount of time spent sitting in front of the computer, editing text just like this, the massage functionality of the OSIM uThrone chair is a much appreciated feature that helps to keep the muscles in your lower back a bit more relaxed as you work.

The chair doesn’t just rumble either; it’s a full-on back massage using the aforementioned tech called V-HAND. The chair offers multiple settings to personalize, from shoulder width, to the speed and intensity of the massage, to setting the rollers to a specific area on your back. It came as a surprise to me that it wasn’t a gimmick feature, but actually felt like a true back massage. It can also help a bit with your posture, as the curved lumbar pillow and the V-HAND tech will help keep you from slouching.

OSIM uThrone gaming massage chair comfort features overview with Nick Calandra at The Escapist

This is all controlled via a little hidden control panel on the right arm of the chair. There are also some hidden speakers in the head of the chair that you can connect via Bluetooth, if you want to settle in with some light tunes while relaxing with a massage.

The material on the OSIM uThrone is a premium-feeling leatherette that doesn’t get hot when sitting in the chair for multiple hours at a time. The seat is also quite firm, which means you won’t be sinking into the chair unless you decide to lower the back of the chair to a lower angle.

Assembly was pretty simple as well and required no handling of the tech inside of the chair. You just attach the back of the chair to the seat with a few screws, put the wheels on the legs, and put the chair on top, and you’re good to go. A lot of chairs have you assembling each individual part, even down to attaching the arms to the chair, but the OSIM uThrone chair has done all that for you to make getting the chair up and running as painless as possible.

OSIM uThrone gaming massage chair comfort features overview with Nick Calandra at The Escapist

It’s also dirt- and water-resistant, which means you can play your favorite games while drinking your favorite soda and snacking on some greasy chips without having to worry about it getting all over your chair. Just don’t forget to clean out your keyboard afterward.

If you’re looking for a premium chair with massage technology that isn’t a gimmick, the OSIM uThrone chair may be a good option for you. I’ve been using it for over a week now, and starting my mornings with a little back massage has certainly been putting me in a better mood before I jump on Twitter — I mean work — for the day.

Check out the OSIM UThrone chair at the OSIM website for the most relaxed time at a computer you’ve ever had.

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