Gaming generations come and go, and more often than not it’s each cycle’s big titles that tend to stick with gamers – your Halos, Grand Theft Autos, and Zeldas, etc. That’s all good and fair, but in a sea of critically acclaimed games, sometimes it’s the flawed ones that I seem to remember most. The rough edges add to their charm and sense of identity. Today, I’m going to discuss seventh gen gems that deserved a little more success.

This is The Joy of Gaming with Nate Najda, reflecting on seventh gen video games that we forgot a little too quickly.

Nate Najda
Nate is the Communications Manager at Wushu Studios. When he’s not, he’s also a contributor on The Escapist and an avid connoisseur of all things Mass Effect. You can also find him on his personal site, Shinobi Speaks.

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