Oh god. This isn’t one of those Patreon things, is it?

It totally is.

Doesn’t the Escapist already pay you?

It does. We get paid a flat fee for each Critical Miss strip we produce. But have you seen our new comic? We’re not getting paid for that one.

You’re not getting paid? Is The Escapist being greedy?

Absolutely not. We suggested it, in fact. You see, one of the strings that comes with the regular paycheck is that The Escapist (and by extension, Defy Media) owns all of the IP and merchandising rights to Critical Miss. This has always been fine with us, as we’ve always had creative freedom when it comes to CM’s content and direction, but we wanted complete control over our new project. So, we struck a deal; The Escapist gets to run our new comic for no fee (aside from a small bonus based on views) and we get to promote our Patreon campaign on the website.

Does The Escapist get any of this money?

Nope. The Patreon is private. Every penny goes to us (Cory and Grey).

I’m not really interested in this new comic, what if I just want to support Critical Miss?

If our Patreon is successful, We’ll be able to work on our comics full time, which will naturally mean an increase in quality across all of our work, including Critical Miss. More disposable income also means Grey will be able to keep up with AAA games and riff on them in a more timely manner.

If you can’t afford to contribute to the Patreon, then just continue to read Critical Miss as you usually do. Though please consider turning off ad-block while doing so.

Am I going to have to see this crap beneath every comic?

No. This will be the first and last time you see this FAQ, but there will be a small Patreon banner beneath each comic from now on.

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