The Top 10 Games to Play While Standing in Line

I hate running errands. Who wants to deal with the monotony of standing in line, waiting for others to take their sweet time getting to you, because to them, it’s just another paycheck? Chores don’t have to be chores anymore. Errands are now an excuse to take part in one of life’s little delights! So next time you know you’re going to be standing in line, grab you’re favorite handheld and check out one of…

10. Meteos – Nintendo DS
Remember those labyrinth-like board games we had as kids? Remember all those crazy puzzles? Add some touching, and some mind warps. It’s Tetris with a stylus – and the new hotness as far as puzzles are concerned. Wait, it’s my turn to check out?

9. Advance Wars – Game Boy Advance
Two words: Tactical. Warfare. I can march an army across the map and crush the enemy headquarters while the elderly lady in front of me uses $43 in coupons and writes a check for the groceries, but doesn’t have a driver’s license.

8. Pac-Man – Mobile
Pharmacy lines are the worst. Old and sick people all over the place, screaming kids – it’s a trying experience. That’s okay; I’ll run from terrifying ghosts and munch on tiny pills while I wait. This classic, now available for cell phones, will always be there to make me feel better.

7. Super Mario III – Game Boy Advance
Nostalgia at its best – Super Mario III was a hit on the NES and now it’s back for you to carry wherever you go. Who wouldn’t want the only attractive plumber in their pocket?

6. Bejeweled – Mobile
Another addiction made mobile. There are a couple of diamonds over there. I think if I get rid of those rubies, maybe I can add another karat to that pair.

5. Pocket Kingdom – N-Gage
Rank up your troops and try to 0wn the world. This sleeper hit should have been called Pocket Crack. I can’t. Stop. Playing. Perhaps I’ll let that grandfather go ahead of me, I can wait.

4. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance – Game Boy Advance
The Playstation hit, on-the-go. As you strategically plan your battles and movement, you can strategically plan which line you are going to join – and maybe you can take out that annoying 12-year-old with your bow, if you position yourself accordingly.

3. Lumines – PSP
Lumines: addicting techno music in combination with 3D variations of Tetris. What more could you want? Annoy everyone in line near you with repetitive, addicting music and attempt to beat the clock to get rid of those blocks, at the same time!

2. Worms World Party – N-Gage
Worms was nothing but uncontrollable laughter on the PC and has been revived in its entirety for the N-Gage. “Sergeant Sausage blew up Commander Chicken with a boomerang!” Just say that out loud while waiting and watch the looks people give you.

1. Tetris – Game Boy
If you don’t know Tetris, you shouldn’t be reading this. I played it in school, I played it on the bus, I played it in the car, I play it while I’m working, and I play it in line. So, when you hear, “Next please,” just respond with, “Can you hold on a second? I think I’m finally going to break level 99; I’ve waited 14 years for this.”

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