Today’s Sign-off

Destiny, as you might have gathered from the reviews, is shite. Not in a particularly exciting way either. It’s no train wreck, there’s not enough ambition for that. It’s more a barge filled with mediocrity drifting gently down a river of hype and unfulfilled promises. There’s a galling lack of content for a $70 game, not just in comparison to the MMOs it gracelessly nicks its end game systems from, but by standard shooter standards as well. The enemy design is awful. The weapons are unremarkable. The loot system is literally a joke. The story presentation (which requires you to leave the game and visit a website to figure out why you’re shooting things) is the worst I’ve ever seen and what little writing there is reads like a first draft where none of the character or place names have been added. I fully expected to come across an antagonist named <villain>. Jokes on me though, there was no antagonist, or any real narrative whatsoever beyond a handful of (unskippable – what year is it again?) cutscenes. The last boss is a crowd of mindless robots worshiping a floating piece of shit. No, really, a piece of shit. But, as my friend Gabe pointed out, what better metaphor for Destiny could there be than that?

So, yeah. 8/10. Would get hopes crushed by again.

On a more positive note, Velocity 2X was released a week or so back and it’s bloody awesome.

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