The Vampire Spectrum


We all have our favorite vampires from literature and movies and we love to hear about them because either they are scary or dead sexy. But unfortunately, not all blood-sucking freaks are cut from the devilish jib. Those fanged ones from Twlight might rank high on the alluring scale but one can’t really call them frightening, whereas the fine-looking Bill Compton from True Blood packs a bigger punch in both departments.

In honor of this week’s issue of The Escapist Magazine‘s investigation into vampires, we decided to codify all we know about the particular brand of undead that sucks your blood and sometimes sparkle (sigh). After careful consideration and months of painstaking research, The Escapist staff have assembled our definitive Vampire Spectrum to guide you in your travels in the underworld. If you see Nosferatu or Christopher Lee’s Dracula in a dark alley, you might want to run away, but Count von Count just wants to teach you a few things.

Also, don’t pet Bunnicula. That’s just a bad idea, especially if you’ve been preparing salads.


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