The Walking Dead: Michonne Gets New Trailer And Voice Actress


The Walking Dead: Michonne launches in February, and stars Samira Wiley as the zombie apocalypse’s sword-wielding badass.

Telltale Games has been on a roll with Game of Thrones, Borderlands, and even the new Minecraft game. But for many fans, there’s no choice-based episodic experience like The Walking Dead. Thankfully, Telltale hasn’t forgotten that point, and will finally roll out its Michonne mini-series next year. More importantly, it’s revealed who will voice Michonne: Samira Wiley, best known as “Poussey” from Orange Is The New Black.

“We’ve been hard at work on this very special exploration of The Walking Dead universe that will further bridge together our game series with the canon of Robert Kirkman’s comic,” CEO of Telltale Games Kevin Bruner said in a statement. “Deeply haunted by the decisions of her past, putting players in the role of a character like Michonne to navigate the broken world around her is an experience that feels uniquely Telltale, and something we simply cannot wait for The Walking Dead fans to play.”

The Walking Dead: Michonne takes place during a time jump in the original comic series, when Michonne parted ways with Rick’s group. Before deciding to return, the sword-wielding warrior apparently finds herself with another band of survivors. And if this series is anything like the last two, Michonne will face the same heart-wrenching decisions that made Telltale the brand name it is today.

Since the series was first revealed, Telltale Games has decided to make The Walking Dead: Michonne a stand-alone game that does not require Season 2 to play. That said, it’s only three episodes long, presumably to make room for Game of Thrones seasons, Marvel team-ups, and a freaking Batman game. Still, I’m just happy Telltale is returning to Walking Dead, and am curious to see what spin Wiley brings to the role.

The Walking Dead: Michonne launches for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, and Android in Feb. 2016.

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