The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Gets Trailer, Release Date


Tensions are rising in A House Divided, the second episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two.

TellTale games released today the first official trailer for A House Divided, the next episode in The Walking Dead: Season Two. Things looks like they’re about to go from bad to worse for Clementine, though the trailer continues hammer home that the undead may be the least of our worries in a zombie apocalypse. TellTale also announced the release date for the second episode, after teasing it earlier this month. A House Divided will be released on Tuesday, March 4 for PC, Mac, and North American PlayStation 3 users. Dates for Xbox 360, iOS, and the European PlayStation 3 release will be announced soon via Twitter. TellTale confirmed today that the PlayStation Vita release is planned for the end of March. Episode 1 and Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: Season Two will be available on release for PS Vita, individually or as part of a season pass.

The Walking Dead: Season Two picks up where Season One left off, with Clementine struggling to survive in a world infested with zombies. Season Two puts the player in control of Clementine and being a child will make survival that much harder. The Walking Dead: 400 Days bridged the gap between Season One and Season Two, and TellTale recommends that if you haven’t yet played the special DLC episode you might want to before starting A House Divided. Decisions made in 400 Days will have an impact on the story of Season Two.

TellTale’s The Walking Dead reinvigorated love for point and click adventure games, and also reduced fans to tears with its gut-wrenching, fantastic story. No spoilers, but we at The Escapist are pretty sure bad things are in store for Clementine, and we fully expect to be wailing to our loved ones once the season ends.

Source: TellTale Games

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