The Wayfairer Part 5 – The Sighted




I know, it’s a few days late… to those, like NOTINTHEFACE that I gave a Saturday deadline to… Sorry. Here it is anyway, directly following on from last weeks episode “The Lady.”

The Wayfairer

“The Sighted”

Sara threw herself away from the still pool, her eyes wide and frightened. She could still taste the thick black smoke on her tongue, and the bitter pain of loss clutched at her heart.

“What did you see?” Aierla’s voice cut through Sara’s panic. She turned toward the Seer, her eyes narrowing angrily.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Sara said as firmly as she could manage.

“Liar,” Aierla chuckled, “Lying to yourself will prove nothing.”

Sara shook her head, hoping to clear the still vivid images from her mind. Aiela crossed the distance between them, and held a hand out to help Sara to her feet. Sara shrunk away from her hand, her heart thumping in her chest. Every one of her senses seemed heightened. She could feel each blade of the soft grass underneath her fingers, and the light breeze that wound through the clearing seemed to caress her skin.

“Let me tell you of something I have seen,” Aierla turned away from Sara and crossed the clearing to where an intiricately carved throne had been carved from the rock of the cliff. She sat, and crossed her legs carefully.

“I saw a little girl. Alone, and frightened of who she was,” Aierla’s voice was soft, but it echoed all around the clearing, “and I saw a woman, terrified of who she will become.”

Sara watched the Seer carefully, something about the way she spoke, drew Sara toward her. Every word compelled her to want to hear more. Sara shook herself in an attempt to break free of the spell of the Seer..

“Don’t use your sorceries on me, Seer,” Sara snapped, rising.

“There was a third woman.” Aiela said lowly, and Sara felt her attention yet again being drawn toward the Seer, “A Sorceress, infinitely more powerful than any of the sorcerers of the guild, and more helpless.”

As Sara heard the words she could almost see the the beautiful sorceress in her mind, clothed in a long, flowing white gown, which seemed to glow, as if, rather than cloth, the gown was completely composed of light.

“In her right hand,” Aiela continued dreamily, “She holds an orb of light that pulses with every colour of the spectrum, and her left hand strokes the fur of a pure white wolf. A wolf of light.”

“But what does it mean?” Sara stammered fearfully, her eyes filling with tears. In her mind she could picture the giant wolf that had appeared on the plains the night she and Lyan had been attacked.

“We all make our own meanings, Sara,” Aiela told her cryptically.

“Then what meaning did you make from it?” Sara cried desperately. Aiela chuckled.

“I had to be certain,” she said after a short pause.

“Certain of what?” Sara’s hands trembled, she was not sure that she wanted to know the answer.

“That you had the gift,” Aiela answered softly.

“Then you knew!” Sara felt anger rising in her, “You knew when you told me to touch the waters…” Aiela cut her off.

“I had to be certain,” Aiela repeated gently

“But why?” Sara felt tears running down her cheeks. Aiela sighed.

“My people have a myth, of a Seer to lead all Seers.”

“A what?” Sara interupted her brows knitting together in confusion.

“A woman who may use the pools, but who does not need to sacrifice her sight.”

“And you think that woman is me?” Sara gasped. Slowly Aiela nodded.

“No,” Sara shook her head furiously.

“What did you see?” Aiela asked her calmly.

“I – I saw two girls, they were running…” Sara sobbed, finally giving in. Aiela rose, and crossed the distance between them in moments. She took Sara into her arms and held her as she cried.


“It was me,” Sara told Aiela when she had regained her composure, “I can’t remember it, not like it actually happened to me, but I knew, when I looked into the eyes of one of the girls, that she, was me.” 

“Newly initiated Seers often have visions of things that have passed,” Aiela seated herself on the grass beside Sara. Her flowing lace gown seemed to billow out around her.

“But, I can’t remember my past,” Sara said softly.

“That is not important,” Aiela shook her head gently.

“But how could I see my own past, if I can’t remember it happening?” Sara’s voice came out tight, emotion showing yet again in her voice. Aiela shook her head slowly.

“I am not sure that you’ve forgotten, Sara,” she said carefully, “just blocked it out,”

“What do I do… to remember, I mean?” Sara looked on the Seer with pleading eyes.

“I cannot help you with that. Perhaps it will come back on it’s own with time, and perhaps not.”

Sara sighed,

“I’m sorry, Aiela, I’m impatient.”

“I would be impatient too,” Aierla smiled, “But your companion stirs, I’m afraid, and it is time for you to move on,”

“I can’t stay here?” the words flew from Sara’s mouth before she had even fully thought them. She had expected to stay with Aiela, at the pool, and find out for certain if she did have the abilities that Aiela spoke of.

“No, Sara, I’m afraid your future takes you elsewhere.”

Aierla rose, and went to the chest beside her throne. From it she took a pile of white material, and a pair of white leather boots.

“I have asked for Karath to arrange some horses for both you and your companion,” Aierla said carefully.

“Thank you,” Sara said reluctantly. In her heart she had still wished to stay here.

“There is one more thing you must do,” Aierla said with a small smile.  Sara watched the Seer, and waited for her to continue.

“You must finish your initiation,” Aierla said gently,  “Bathe in the pool, and then don the gown of a Seer.” 

Aierla held out the pile of material to Sara, and waited with a small smile on her lips. Sara watched on uncertainly as Aiela held out the gown.

“You cannot go on wearing those torn rags” She said with a smile.

“But the gown of a Seer…” Sara whispered.

“Do not deny who you are, Sara,” Aierla warned.

“I deny nothing. I am not a Seer, I have sacrificed nothing.”

Aiela chuckled, then turned away. Left with no other option, Sara shed her torn, and blood stained dress, and stepped into the still, cool water of the pool of the Seers.


As the water washed over her body, Sara’s mind was filled with brief flashes, moments of vision that were gone almost as soon as they came to her. In none of the flashes though, did she recognise herself. Carefully, she felt the place at her shoulder where her arrow wound had been. It was completely healed, not even a scar was left to show where the wound had been. The wound at her side, also was gone without trace.

She did not remain in the pool for long. She found the pool visions disturbing, and she knew, that Lyan waited for her, so that they might continue.

 She laced the bodice of the flowing gown slowly, carefully. She was unused to the fine material, and was frightened that she might ruin the delicate lace. Then, after stepping into the white leather boots, also left for her by Aiela, she moved toward the forest, where she knew Lyan would be waiting for her with Karath.

 [/p] She stepped out of the forest into the foothills, this time she had not needed a guide to lead her, just as Aierla had told her.

“Mistress!” The word was gasped, and as Sara turned she saw all of the tribes people in Karath’s band falling to their knees.

“No, No, please!” She begged, blushing, “stand up.”

“Your horse,” Karath rose, and moved toward her, leading a tall white horse, his head was bowed, and he refused to meet her gaze.

“Thank you, Karath,” She said resignedly, and took the reigns. Karath backed away, his eyes still on the ground.

“Let me,” Lyan took the horse by the bridle,  then looked Sara up and down carefully. Sara refused to meet his gaze as she mounted, and positioned herself carefully, upon the unfamiliar side-saddle. Lyan waited, until she was settled, then passed her the soft leather reins, and returned to his own chestnut stallion.

Lyan gave her a brief smile, then urged his horse forward. Sara followed him, but turned herself back toward the forest. She had felt safe there, like she belonged, and it was hard for her to leave.

Aierla stood at the very edge of the forest, her blind eyes trained upon Sara, she smiled slightly, and raised her hand in a wave, before she melted back into the dense brush. 

That’s it for this week – Tune in again next week for the explaination ;). Remember that I welcome any feedback that anyone wants to give, so dont hesitate to email me on [email protected] or PM me. [/font]


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