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The Waylanders Gets New Trailer, Early Access Release Date

The Waylanders

Players will get to check out Gato Salvaje Studio’s Celtic role-playing game The Waylanders next week. The Kickstarter success story will launch via Steam on June 16 for $34.99. There’s also a temporary 10% discount for those that pick it up at launch.

The Waylanders is built around exploring Celtic mythology and will have a deep real-time combat system for players to learn. The main narrative has been crafted by Emily Grace Buck, who has worked with famed writer Chris Avellone and Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie to flesh out the game’s writing. The party-based title will have players rearranging their squad into different formations in order to employ different strategies during battle. There will be plenty of variety in each player’s playthrough as there are 30 advanced character classes in total and nine companion characters that can be used in battle.

The Steam Early Access release of The Waylanders will feature roughly a fourth of the full game and will give players access to 10-12 hours of content. There will be over 40 maps in eight locations to explore during the Celtic Age. Additional features will come in future updates such as loyalty quests, advanced classes, and improvements to the equipment crafting system. A development roadmap will be released soon.

The Waylanders is not only a game about legends(;) it is a story of our culture and our roots,” Creative Director Sergio Prieto said. “All the team was deeply involved in the development, and I’m very proud of the work we’ve done so far. As we head into Steam Early Access, we want the game to grow with player’s feedback so it becomes not only a fantastic RPG, but also the best Celtic game possible.”

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